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The Birthday Massacre

Titel / Title Hide and Seek 
Label Metropolis Records 
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The likeable synth rock band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE is back again with their new record “Hide and Seek“! Compared to their last record, “Pins and Needles”, which was released in 2010, there are more slow songs on it – thus already the first one, “Leaving Tonight”, is starting gently. The next song is “Down”, which sticks out most from the other 9 songs on the album, because with this song, vocalist Chibi shows that she is also able to shout. It´s an awesome song that totally spices up the whole album. Songs like “Need” and “Calling” are more like pop music. In general, this time the band seemed to opt for a more poppy sound but then again, every song also features some beautiful and, most of all, familiar synthesizer sounds. “One Promise” is a bit faster and ensures variety after a few calmer songs. All in all, “Hide and Seek” is an excellent record of the Canadian band but the proportions between slower songs and some that really rock could have been more balanced.

Tatjana Ziegler

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