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Ophidian I

Titel / Title Solvet Saeclum 
Label SFC Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Iceland is not your typical Heavy Metal country. There are only very few bands that managed to make an international breakthrough. Interestingly, almost all Icelandic bands that are known in the European underground scene have dedicated themselves to the dark side of Metal. And Ophidian I are no exception to that rule. Their debut record bursts with a mixture of sophisticated, technical and also a bit progressive Death Metal. Especially remarkable are the insane lead guitars and also the acoustic parts, which open up or slow down some songs. These two elements put some īcolourī into the sound and set the band apart from the average underground death metal troops. Another asset is the production: itīs miles away from the standard Death Metal underground sound, which is mostly really fuzzy and without power. Instead it sounds clear and powerful, so that every single note can be heard. But the progressive factor of Ophidian Iīs music brings also one big minus: There are no catchy choruses or hooklines, which stick in your mind. But nevertheless, this is a great debut. Time will tell whether they will come to international death metal fame or not.

Timo Päßler

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