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Label Playground Music 
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“Can´t stand this Rock´n Roll” claim Wolftrap in their first track – but I don´t believe that, because this song gets you rocking right away. The Finns stick to the genre throughout the following songs, which is classical Hardrock, which means occasionally the Blues roots shine through, there´s a mouth harp, and the instrumentalists are given enough room to shine. It must be this Hammond organ that I just have to think of Deep Purple – but indeed, maybe this is one of the most telling references in terms of style and sound (the Gillan-Blackmore-eras). Maybe there´s also a bit of Whitesnake and Van Halen in the reckless fun aspect (Man´s Addiction).

You can hear that those guys from Kotka are professionals, four of them have been in the line-up of legendary Prog act Manitou, and fans of Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, Malpractice, Kaihoro and Total Devastation should recognise some names/faces... They seem to come up with catchy tunes effortlessly, there´s groovy ear candy in abundance - Party-Rock and good mood, yet on a high level. Singer Jussi shows his nice timbre and wide range from tough to clean, and manages to pull off a ballad like “As Long As You Love” without Kitsch. Kudos!

Hardly anything to complain about – except: I wonder what´s the reason for this – not quite accomplished – Faith No More cover version (From Out Of Nowhere)? It could hardly be the lack of (good) own material... and the final track somehow cannot keep up with the rest, as the “preparation to lift-off” takes way too long, yet “the flight” is a bit too short? Still – a great debut, I can recommend this album!

Jussi Serengil – vocals
Markus Vanhala – lead guitar
Ismo Laukkanen – bass
Jarmo Pikka – drums
Antti Laurén – guitar
Mikko Reinamo – organ

Track Listing:
1. Hit The City (Can´t Stand This Rock N´Roll)
2. Done Deal My Dear
3. Fly On
4. As Long As You Love
5. Hi-Speedin´
6. No Tomorrow
7. Man´s Addiction
8. Lost Souls
9. From Out Of Nowhere
10. Grateful Slide

Klaudia Weber

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