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Ill Nino

Titel / Title Epidemia 
Label AFM Records (Soulfood) 
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Ill Nino are back with a new record. The question – at least in my opinion - is, do we really need another one? Ill Nino have never really had a totally bad album, but none the less, over the years these guys have drowned in uniformity along with other bands of their genre. The Clubs became smaller and the audience reduced itself to the core of their die hard fans. But still, Ill Nino is a great live band with still brutal precision and unbreakable will to play live. The new record called Epidemia starts out with a straight-forward headbanger (The Depression) that goes along with the following "Only the unloved" and will both become a guaranteed part of their live set. The third track La Epidemia is a raging bulldozer, perfectly written for a moshpit. The highlights of that track are definately the furious drumming and the strong breaks in between. After that, two tracks you will easily forget (Eva, Demi God), and with "Death Wants More" a Radio-Single-Alike Nu Metal song with stadium chorus and weird tribal parts. The Song "Escape" is what fans of Ill Nino love about their band. Itīs full of tribal music elements, but sadly, one of those two songs you wonīt really remember. About the last two tracks "Time wonīt save you" and "Forgive Me Father", the first is an uninspirational attempt of a melancholy power ballad and the other a track that drifts towards Pop-like nu metal. The record offers a massive and powerful production and has definitely its highlights, but in the end its plain nu metal-ish material to be listened as background music.

Dennis Kathmann

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