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Sister Sin

Titel / Title Now and Forever 
Label Victory Records 
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About two years after the last album „True Sound of the Underground“, Sister Sin are back with „Now and Forever“. And better than ever. Liv and her guys have taken their time to develop musically and put everything into an album that should be better than the 2 predecessors. Not an easy task. The intro - which promises a bombastic album - fades into the first Song „End of the Line“, one of the album highlights and theme of the first video ( What´s next is a powerful track named „Fight Song“, followed by „In it for Life“ and „Heart of Cold“, a great song where Liv can display her voice. The only thing I could complain about, her voice sounds a bit more forced-rough compared with the other Cds. It was exactly this effortlessness which I liked about this power woman, but still he is in top form shining in the studio, presenting the songs in a snotty yet variable way. „Now and Forever“ should satisfy the fans and win many more fans too. I had to wait until the end for a ballad, but then my wish is granted with „Morning After“, a beautiful song featuring a piano, it picks up pace in the finale, and Liv’s voice isn´t pressed until the end of the song. The absolute highlight of the album.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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