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One-Eyed Mule

Titel / Title When tomorrow comes 
Label Target 
Total run time
34 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Danish band One-Eyed Mule just released their fifth album “When tomorrow comes“. Musically it is somewhere between Rock, Folk and Blues. They describe their style as “Psychodelic Garage Rock“.

The album starts with the almost dreamy instrumental “Hello Morning Rag”. The listeners can close their eyes and be carried right into the next song. Recognizable guitar melodies can be found on the entire album, sometimes soft, sometimes stronger, sometimes as the only instrumentation and other times supported by percussion, drums, bass or even a xylophone. The sound is pleasant for sure.

I would be doing the album wrong if I claimed the sound was the same throughout. Generally the songs are more on the quiet side but they vary a lot. Sometimes there’s a bit of Country like “Take It Easy On Your Man”, sometimes Folk like the title track “When Tomorrow Comes” or it’s more of an Acoustic Rock number like “Tunnels And Trains”. Overall, it’s a pleasant and very listenable album that could have been longer if you ask me. My personal favorite is the Ragtime Song “What Was I Supposed To Do”.

Hello Morning Rag
Move With You To The Country
When Tomorrow Comes
Mild And Warm
The Way You Do Me
Take It Easy On Your Man
Tunnels And Trains
What Was I Supposed To Do?

Stefanie Oepen

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