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King Dude

Titel / Title Burning Daylight 
Label VÁN 
Total run time
33 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Strange“ is the word that came to my mind the first time I listened to King Dude’s new album “Burning Daylight“ – an interesting kind of strange though. Dark folk and Americana surely are a fitting description. The music creates a somewhat bleak atmosphere and makes me think of a lone wolf wandering through a wide-open country. Good and evil, God and the devil, hope and despair are the themes here, all sung by a voice somewhere between Tom Waits and Johnny Cash.

That’s not all though, “My Mother Was The Moon” offers a female singer and “Lorraine” quotes The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There”. Even a choir can be heard in the beginning of “Lord, I’m Coming Home” and so the album’s last track connects back to the spoken “Introduction” that ends with exactly those words. The singing voice may not be for everyone, but it fits the music and gives the songs character. The instrumentation and sound effects are quite surprising at times and the lyrics tell stories about love and death among others. A song like “Vision in Black” brings strong images to my mind, while “Barbara Anne” is quite a sarcastic declaration of love. Occasionally it gets a bit too religious for me, but overall the mixture of songs is pretty good and should offer something for everyone interested in this type of music.

Holy Land
Barbara Anne
I’m Cold
Vision In Black
Jesus In The Courtyard
I Know You’re Mine
My Mother Was The Moon
You Can Break My Heart
Lord, I’m Coming Home

Stefanie Oepen

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