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Titel / Title Silverthorn 
Label Playground 
Total run time
56 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

I honestly have to say that I was a bit sceptical about this release, because it is hard for me to imagine that Kamelot will still have the same grace and quality without Roy Khan. But the new singer Tommy Karevik deserves a chance to be listened to.

Music-wise, Kamelot excelled themselves once again with beautiful compositions; the right mixture of fast and powerful parts but also slow ballads is just perfect. Especially the piano-supported “Song for Jolee” should hit every heart. Even when one misses the diversity of Khan´s voice.

At the beginning of “Silverthorn”, their first release after Khan left the band because of health reasons, one could almost think that Roy himself still is responsible for the vocals. The only thing that is missing in Tommy´s voice is this gallant, graceful undertone, this loftiness that made Roy Khan so unique. What also is missing a bit is the sophistication in the vocal parts, in which Roy was a pure genius. However, one has to say that there is hardly any reason to complain. “Silverthorn” tries to present Karevik as powerful-voiced as Khan, and that seems to work out at least on the record; if it will be like this also live will be shown during the upcoming 3 week European tour. Where everybody can go and check out for themselves if Kamelot still sparkle with their old magic and if the new singer can keep up with the old one.

In any case, for a new beginning it is an unbelievable record, I just wished that Tommy Karevik finds more of his own style, at the moment he seems a bit too much “Khanisised”! I cannot avoid the feeling that Tommy still concentrates too much on the singing and forgets about emotions and feelings, which Roy Khan was all about!

Sandy Mahrer

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