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Titel / Title The Nine 
Label Frostbyte / Soulfood  
Total run time
Vö/Release01 Nov 2012 
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It´s nothing spectacular, but not shit either.
In general, the album takes time to open up; the first two songs aren´t too out of the ordinary, but the later tracks take some surprising twists and turns. Especially “Hand me Down Virtue” goes through a pretty big spectrum of genres. The main change occurs around the third track “Philistine” -which somehow reminds me of Marilyn Manson.

As far as instrumental talent goes, all band members seem quite competent, but something seemed to go a bit wrong in the production as the sound is pretty muffy and the guitars turned out a bit flat and are a bit lost in the whole sound. The singer´s voice switches between a very Devin Townsend/Dave Mustaine-like slightly nasal, clear notes to screams, which some would call the „pushing a difficult poo.“ However, at “Argue and Grin” he sounds surprisingly similar to Rage Against the Machine´s singer. Furthermore, I would not be surprised if he sings or has singed in hardcore bands.

In the end, there is a surprising amount of variety to the album. The late rhythm changes seem to lift the album to its feet, effectively saving the album from monotony. If the typical Finnish Metal consists of two guitars battling with a synthesiser, it seems that their Canadian equivalent would be a nasal voice for the singer. I guess Rush´s Geddy Lee is to blame.

Ozzy Aikas

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