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Titel / Title Songs Of The Buried 
Label Indie Recordings 
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Songs Of The Buried is already the second album the Norwegians of Dunderbeist release this year. The latest product picks up where its predecessor left off, yet it showcases a heavier and darker sound. The opening track “Y” is the quietest track on the album, which is pushing the listener, rocks, sounds very powerful and is able to offer an extra portion of heaviness.

Nevertheless, the sound of the vocals often seems to be out of the spotlight, since the weight of the instruments is too big. The guitar sound is rough and edgy and has a big impact on the diverse appearance of the songs. The vocals are somewhat catchy and memorable and they fit into the overall sound, even though the parts that are made for several voices are not always in harmony and don´t always work together well.

When it comes to the overall picture of the album, one can say it is a coherent album, though one can´t always say the same about the songs. They often include slower parts but then change over to heavy ones in a harsh and abrupt way. Also, the songs partially seem, despite their average duration, to be never-ending – but this is something one can easily overlook, since the tracks keep their powerful and rocking sound.

Altogether, it is rather tough to say what one should think about „Songs Of The Buried“ – fans of crossover music and heavy sounding albums surely will enjoy this one, everyone else should rather approach it with caution.

Carina Ullmann

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