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Murderdome RockīnīRoll Club

Titel / Title Murderdome RockīnīRoll Club 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The band with an awfully complicated name, Murderdome RockīnīRoll Club, was founded back in 2009 by five musicians from Kouvola. Their first aim was to put together a cover band and have some fun. But as time went by and the guys made some rocking original material as well, they decided it was time for a new band and eventually also an album.

This debut album carries the bandīs name and was released in early 2012 by the band itself. Itīs a combination of hard rock and metal, which isnīt perhaps the most innovative of styles nowadays, but the band has a sound of their own and thatīs good. Perhaps they havenīt exactly reinvented the wheel here, but they are rolling. The years of playing together have done their work and the band sounds solid.

For me the best parts of the album are on tracks like Blood of a Swan, where the sounds (especially the drums) evoke images of Celtic Ireland - nice! On some tracks it does seem, however, that too many ideas have been crammed into one song. The opening track Closure, for example, is a bit messy in my ears.

All in all, the album is a promising start but doesnīt surprise the listener very often. The guys from Kouvola will have to do more to really stand out in the masses of this sort of material. There has to be a hook or three in an album, something to really catch the listenerīs ear. In other words, even though itīs well played and has some cool bits to it, Murderdome RockīnīRoll Clubīs debut album needs a certain "oomph" or "wow effect" to reach the next level.

Murderdome RockīnīRoll Club is:
Jimi Saine - vocals
Santtu Lonka - drums
Sami Kujala - guitar, backing vocals
Tero Huovila - bass
Jussi Viren - guitar, backing vocals

Johanna Ahonen, transl. Klaudia Weber

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