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Titel / Title In The Name Of Metal 
Label AFM Records 
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The band that was founded in Sweden in 2004 presents their fans their new album „In The Name Of Metal“, which is an album full of classic power metal tracks – without any exceptions. Thus, we get to hear typical powermetal elements like catchy melodies to go along with and a pleasant sound, strong guitar riffs that lead the listener though the songs, lyrics that invite one to sing along. A few guitar solos try to spice up the songs and bring a bit more of drive into the sound but that doesn´t always work as planned.

The vocals are pleasant, punchy and full of power and show a few rough edges here and there, and exactly those rough edges give the singer´s voice a tad of uniqueness. The parts with several voices sound all in harmony, everything just sounds perfectly fine and just like they know what they´re doing – the same is true for the interplay between the instruments and the vocals, they all fit together without exception so that no one could ever say that it´d sound disharmonious. The, most likely, strongest song of this album is „Metalheads unite“ – a textbook powermetal anthem that beats quite a few of its kind.

Overall it is an album that is smooth, maybe a bit too smooth – there are no rough edges, nothing that really stands out, even though the songs surely are of good quality and it is fun to listen to the album. If the band doesn´t find a bit more of their own style though, they´ll have a tough time being successful in the future.

Carina Ullmann

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