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White Flame

Titel / Title Cougar 
Label Live Rock / Playground Music 
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Usually I´m not such a fan of the Hardrock/Glam genre but I´m glad I lent an ear to those Finns. Yes, that´s indeed ear candy – a band which is a lot of fun to listen to. First of all, it´s 80s in abundance, you can hear the influences from Bon over Mötley to ZZ, be it guitar work, keyboard sound or the clean voice of Vince (sic!), who also offers the necessary portion of “Rock-roughness”. A catchy groove dominates, which has the effect that the songs appear pretty similar. The harmonies occasionally cross over to AOR – but since Nickelback&Co, it´s been difficult to draw a line anyway.

How “serious” they are about those cliches they are playing with, e.g. concerning females (the cover, the lyrics), is left open for you to decide. I for myself sense a tongue-in-cheek attitude here. Why the guys recorded a cover version of Roxette´s “The Look” is still puzzling me (a good version by the way) because their own stuff has enough hit potential to reach a wider audience. Or to put it into a slogan: “Another fog-stained cold and rainy sh...ameful Monday morning, feeling grumpy once again due to the lack of sleep? This CD can still put a smile on your face.”

Klaudia Weber

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