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Titel / Title Ghost Road Blues 
Label LovemoreRecords /Finestnoise 
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„Ghost Road Blues“ is the debut record of the Swedish band Nale, which will be released as Limited Vinyl and digital download only. I honestly admit that I am happy about the Demo on a CD because I am neither a collector of Vinyl nor a friend of this digital stuff. One thing I can promise, though, those who have listened to this record want to own it, no matter in what format. Metal´n´Roll - that´s how they name their snotty, aggressive music, which is a lot of fun to listen to. Honestly, nobody would think that singer Mathias Blom has such a snotty, rough voice after seeing him. Their song “Love, Lust, Pain” reminds me, every now and then, of Rob Zombie´s “Dragula”. The first four songs are really similar to one other but on “Burning” Mathias shows that he is also a good screamer - this brings the much longed for variety to the record. Music-wise, they remain quite the same but still it is enough to make a really great record with 10 strong songs. I think that the guys will sort these things out with the next record. That´s why I say, if you like your music heavy, this is a newcomer to keep an eye on!

Sandy Mahrer

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