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Mare Cognitum

Titel / Title An Extraconscious Lucidity 
Label Lunar Meadow Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Well, as I mentioned many times here, Black Metal is not quite my cup of tea.. Admittedly, the origin of this material provoked my curiousity – Santa Ana, California USA. This band features just one member, Jacob Buczarski, who obviously plays all instruments and also does the vocals. In his own words: “This project began as attempt to carve out it´s own territory in the wider scope of black metal - a movement often viewed as a clouded sea of imitation and duplicity”.

The result – actually the second Mare Cognitum release – is indeed not bad at all, following the path of classic Norwegian style, I mean elements like the creation of epic-menacing atmosphere, Folk-ish parts, Blast Beats, evil screeches (with too much resonance – which is another BM trademark, though). There are many melodic elements with ear candy quality, musically well done; high precision guitar work, diversity, good song structures (e.g. Pulses in Extraconscious Lucidity) – you can hear that there´s a skilled musician at work.

However, I´d not be able to distinguish this project from others, I could not find something typical that stands out – yet nothing that wrecks my nerves either. Whether the self-imposed goal “to prove there are unexplored horizons in black metal - a movement widely considered to be stagnating” has been achieved – I rather doubt it. Fans of this genre should definitely give it a try, my maxiumum rating would be a 7 to honor the musical achievement and the overall concept.

Klaudia Weber

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