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Titel / Title Murder 101 
Label Selfmadegod Records 
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That´s how Death Metal should sound like! The trio Unburied from Virginia present here their second full-length album "Murder 101" in best Obituary, Repulsion, early Cannibal Corpse fashion, and with it, the band, that is around since 1994, takes absolutely no prisoners. In less than 30 minutes, they ´gruntthrash´ themselves through eleven old school death metal underground tracks full of concentrated hate and with a strong tendency to Goregrind and minor punk digressions. The pieces are kept in mid-tempo but uptempo songs and blast beat parts emerge here and there, too. Worth mentioning is "Abraxas Annihilation", which comes across as a bow to Bolt Thrower and the very cool grooving "Reborn unto Hades", my highlight, however, is the title track. The band already did some support gigs for Dying Fetus and Deceased. If they ever come to Germany... I would happily drive a few miles.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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