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Titel / Title Spiritual Genocide 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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On November 23rd, Destruction gave the world another first class thrash hammer. With eleven tracks in close to 45 minutes, they offer killer tracks that make you forget one or the other weak moment of the past. As far as I can tell from listening to the promo link, the production sounds fat and especially the new drummer Vaaver seems to do the job of a lifetime.

Destruction start off with a short instrumental intro and then thrash themselves through ten tracks, which, at first, fail to reveal particular surprises, however, with every new run, the songs start to display more and more their unique character. The guitar work of Mike is absolutely tight and beyond any doubt; Schmier´s voice, which is loved by some fans and hated by others, fits perfectly in every moment.

Like on many older releases, also on "Spiritual Genocide", Destruction invited a few guest musicians, such as Ol Drake from Evile, who contributed some guitar leads, as well as Gerre (Tankard) and Tom Angelripper (Sodom, Uncle Tom), who peppered "Legacy of the Past" with some pretty funny cross-referencing verses.

There are really no boring tracks on "Spiritual Genocide” but I´m wondering why, of all songs, Destruction picked the rather average "Carnivore" to do a video clip. With titles as "City of Doom", the title track "Spiritual Genocide", the stomping "Renegades", or my personal favorite "To Dust you Will Decay" there would have been plenty of more earth-shattering material to choose from.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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