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Titel / Title diin 
Label Dark Essence Records / Karisma Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I had almost missed to discover this pearl, yet thanks to the flu and forced inactivity plus slight boredom I decided to lend an ear to promo CDs that had piled up, awaiting my attention... well, better late than never...

Bergen-based Krakow define themselves as Post-Metal and release a remarkable second album named “diin”, which rather relates to Pink Floyd than that kind of music which usually is associated with “Norway”. Well, OK, there are fellow countrymen, e.g. Ulver and Enslaved, who also express a certain musical kinship ...
Massive sound walls ranging from Melodic Death to Alternative-Grunge, very hypnotic; complex but still accessible; extensive instrumental solo-orgies that still don´t sound bothersome at all; booming bass and sinister moods drowning in Doom, yet intertwined with rough to brutal riffing and growling; you find experimental parts as well as epic sound spheres – and it all still has some punch so you don´t feel like listening to a documentary soundtrack; melodies that sound out-of-this-worldish; songs that slowly but inexorably, like a tsunami made of lava, overwhelm your senses...

René Misje has a variable and likeable voice that masters clean as well as growls. Check out e.g. “Mark Of Cain” or “Possessed” that even starts off with a Punk-ish touch. Great album!

Klaudia Weber

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