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Titel / Title Endzeit 
Label AFM Records 
Total run time
43 min 
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The bandmembers, coming from Würzburg, Germany, know each other since teenage years. Now they released their second album with a title fitting the world´s end scenario that the Maya calendar predicted – an album, that first sounds like every other German Rock album, but then turns out to be one that puts weight on social and society critical topics.

Lyrics full of criticism on diverse topics of nowadays´ world are the basis of the rocking songs, in which the strong vocals and the music work hand in hand. Unfortunately, the lyrics partly sound a bit forced since they seemingly tried to keep the rhymes going – one or two rhymes less would´ve done the trick and maintained the sound´s easiness.

The instruments sound nice, the guitar stands out and sticks to the mind is surely also nice to listen to when played live, since it is a big part of the really good overall sound – only the drum sound is partially making problems for my taste, it seems to sounds a tad too tinny.

When it comes to the vocals, there is nothing to complain about, except for maybe their ever-same sound, the diversity is missing. even though I am sure that there´d be potential to improve this.

“Flucht”, one of the album´s bonus tracks, starts with a quiet acoustic part that suggest the listener to think that it´s going to continue just like this – but no, from one second to the other it continues, after a harsh cut, with the totally rocking part of the song. The two part song, each part for itself works well, but all together it simply doesn´t want to work out and unfortunately doesn´t stand there alone. This mixture of the really quiet and melancholic start and the later rocking part happens several times – and one can wonder: what would´ve been so bad about just keeping one song fully acoustically instead of creating such a mix?

Overall, the album makes the listener have the wish to go and see how the band functions live, since the songs are inviting to be heard in a live environment. Also some of the recurrent lyric parts invite the listener to sing along, and therefore surely does have a memory trigger.

Nevertheless, the album stays to be an album that needs a really specific taste in music, since this kind of sound might not be made for everybody.

Carina Ullmann

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