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Pit of Doom

Titel / Title Atonement 
Label FinestNoise 
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„Atonement“ is already the second full-length record of the German band Pit of Doom. What began as a rock band has turned into a pure Death Metal combo who, however, still pays tribute to past days with the occasional clean vocal parts. Music-wise, the threesome tries to include melodies and sometimes this also works.

After a few line-up changes, the band now consists of Lukas on guitars, Katharina on bass and her brother Fabian who is drummer and singer at the same time, which I guess could be quite tricky to pull off when playing live. When listening to their latest record I am always asking myself the question whether I should like their stuff or whether it is just average Death Metal. There are always parts, which are awesome, for example the songs „Retaliation“ or „A Common Nightmare“, but unfortunately there´s not a single song that manages to keep me entertained from first second to last. That´s really sad because the growls get better from song to song but still this certain something is missing that makes the band unique. With „Ray of Hope“ there is also an instrumental track on the record, which sounds nice, but again this certain something is missing that draws you in and never lets you go.

People who are not into melodious commercial Death Metal should like the record nevertheless. Just give it a try.

Sandy Mahrer

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