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Coilguns / Never Void

Titel / Title Split CD 
Label Hummus Records 
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I haven´t seen such self-made (and via own label self-released) splits in a long time, this one is out on a 10’’ vinyl and in fancy A5 cd version, so who´s into collecting rare stuff – no matter if extreme Metal fan or not – should get one of those...

Coilguns The first band hails from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland: Louis Jucker – Vocals, Jona Nido – Simultaneously both guitars and bass, Luc Hess – THE fucken drummer. It´s some “-core” in any case - rather Hard-/Grind- than Metal- I´d say, with some hints of Prog. And they seem to be a pretty angry bunch, as they hardly ever cease to smack us around with their music. Only song 3, featuring a Punk guitar, gives you some air to breathe, and track 4 has a sort-of relaxed Motörhead-ish groove (well, on Speed). By the way, they recorded those tracks during their Austrialian tour at YOYO Studio in Perth, Australia, with Adam Round. According to the band´s definition it´s “D-Beat/Grind/Black-Metal Tech´n´roll without double foot machine”, by the way.

Never Void from Minden, Germany, who hosted this project, have a similar idea about sound (“Post-Hardcore”). I have to admit that the first of their 4 songs didn´t trigger me to realize that now it´s a different band playing – although the shouter sounded a bit different and the sound quality changed a bit (because those tracks were recorded live, once you even can hear cheers of the audience). Yet here the focus goes to Prog Metal a la Voivod & co: aggression plus sophisticated drumming and riffing, their second song even adds Doom and the final track turns out some jazzy semi-acoustic impro session.

The band:
Stefan Braunschmidt - Bass, Vocals
Lukas Heier - Drums, Sound
Christian Braunschmidt - Guitar, Vocals

Klaudia Weber

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