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A Life Divided

Titel / Title The Great Escape 
Label AFM Records 
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As the title already suggests, all the songs on the new A Life Divided album are about the topic „escape“. Singer Jürgen Plangger, JP, and his men once again delivered an album filled with songs combining rock and electronic elements. How the mix worked out this time, you wonder? Well, many of their songs truly have this rocking feel to them, garnished with electronic sounds – and of course JP´s vocals, which, sadly, somehow disappear behind the just mentioned soundwall.

The dampened mood in songs, such as „If you want to“, nicely brings out the melancholic side of the album, even though the vocals are again in the shadows. The sound of the strings in “Clouds of Glass” matches the overall picture of the song, same goes for most of the other songs: a well-balanced sound, hardly any harsh changes, it all seems harmonic. A little shortcoming is, for me, the instrumental and electronic parts without vocals because they drag out the songs unnecessarily and don´t offer anything new sound-wise.

Apart from that, the songs are mainly driven by guitar and drums, the melodies are nice and most of them stick to the mind, if only for a little while. There is, however, one exception: “The last dance” has quite some earworm potential. Once you listen to it, the song that consists of a really good mix of rock vibes, good lyrics and that special touch of catchiness, you won´t get rid of it again for some time.

Overall, the band managed to create a really solid album with a good sound but, unfortunately, it´s hard to find real highlights or songs that are standing out in an extraordinary way.

Carina Ullmann

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