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Titel / Title Straight out of Hell 
Label Sony 
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64 min 
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The last Helloween record 7 Sinners was quite heavy and dark. Even though the album had a lot of very strong songs on it, not every Helloween fan liked it because of exactly those gloomy vibes. Straight Out Of Hell thus was supposed to be a much more positive album again, that´s at least what the band wrote before the release. But those who were already looking forward to an album full of Dr. Stein clones will be disappointed once again. Straight Out Of Hell features a more or less good mixture of traditional, positive songs (Live Now, the unusual but great Nabataea or the title track), heavier songs (Waiting for the Thunder and Asshole) and also some experiments. Examples for those experiments are Hold Me In Your Arms, one of the very few Helloween ballads and the We-Will-Rock-You-sound-a-like Wanna Be God. But the album also contains quite many songs of only average quality (e.g. Far From The Stars, the Priest-like Burning Sun and Years).

All in all, Straight Out Of Hell is a solid new album that cannot compete with the stronger one`s in Helloween´s history. It is recommended nevertheless to all fans of the pumpkin heads out there.

Timo Päßler

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