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Sons Of Aeon

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I have to repeat myself – a “Finnish all-star band”, this time from Jyväskylä ...but how else to indicate the fact that all band members have gained many years of experience with their other, quite well-known acts (Swallow The Sun, Ghost Brigade, Endstand, Code for Silence)... and this is something you can hear on this CD.
The opener “Faceless” shows the orientation towards Melodic Death from Sweden and provides a sort of "guideline" for the following 9 tracks. Dark Tranquility, Soilwork or the early In Flames are given kudos to, yet hardly any Finnish band without this melancholy, and naturally there´s also a good portion of Doom. The songs offer variety, precise guitar work, well-crafted melodies and a lot of emotion. The contrast between emotional and brutal is well-balanced, sometimes I feel reminded of Before The Dawn (R.I.P.), when hearing some parts in The Centre, Weakness and also Seeds Of Destruction. Although the majority of the songs remains in a headbanger-friendly tempo, Sons of Aeon don´t forget to rattle your earbones a bit with some blast beats (Seeds of Destruction, Wolf Eyes). The instrumental outro Black Sheep Process is so melancholic, intense and passionate – it shows that this band has the right feeling for songwriting. Besides a bunch of great songs and the right personnel to make them work.
What is still missing, however, is some kind of trademark, so that Sons of Aeon stick out of the abundance of Melodic-Death bands and releases. there´s no doubt in my mind, tough, that those guys will pull that off, too. The debut album shows their qualities already.

Sons of Aeon:
Tapio Vartiainen - guitar
Wille Naukkarinen - guitar
Pasi Pasanen - drums
Tony Kaikkonen - vocals
Tommi Kiviniemi – bass

Klaudia Weber

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