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Void Of Sleep

Titel / Title Tales Between Reality and Madness 
Label Aural Music 
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Admittedly, I was surprised to discover that this release is a debut album... Well, this band from Ravenna, Italy, formed in 2010 by Gale (guitar), Burdo (vocals and guitar) Allo (drums) and Paso (bass) recorded their first EP under the direction of bass player and renowned producer Paso (winner of an Independent Music Awards in 2012 and also producer for Ephel Duath, Extrema, At the Soundawn, The Secret, The End of Six Thousand Years...). So no wonder Void of Sleep sound pretty “evolved” already: A mixture of Stoner Rock, Doom, Grunge-Sludge, Progressive and some Psychedelic “drifting-off”. Some drum sequences make me think of Kingston Wall (The Great Escape ... ), the melodies and vocal lines occasionally remind me of Von Hertzen Brothers, or Alice in Chains (Ghost of Me). I also cannot help thinking of South-of-Heaven-Slayer when it comes to describing those real heavy riffs, e.g. in the opener Blood on my Hands.

Not a single weak song, plenty of ear candy (e.g. Lost In the Void) – a record you love to hear over and over again.

The only thing that I am still missing somehow is a trademark to distinguish this band from all others ... Yes, they have their unique mix of stylistic elements and this particular “cozy-mushy” sound, due to their policy of using original ´70s amps, guitars and handcrafted pedals and effects, a modus operandi not exactly common in the productions of our day. So they are almost there - and I am looking forward to the next album.

Klaudia Weber

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