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Hanging Garden

Titel / Title At Every Door 
Label Lifeforce Records 
Total run time
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OOPS? I had stored the Hanging Garden sound as somewhat atmospheric-ambient-progressive in the back of my head - but here those guys from Mikkeli, Finland, start right away with a quite powerful Doom-drenched punch... It seems after half of the line up was replaced with Toni Toivonen – Vocals, Antti Ruokola – Drums and Jussi Kirves – Bass, also the musical direction had had a re-adjustment, at least since the beginnings of the band in 2004 and the 2 previous releases. And they changed the label, too...

And I have to admit that I enjoy this re-adjustment in the band, those Doom-driven grooves with a lot of real heavy riffing. On one hand this 90s Gothic-Metal touch with this alternating growl and (male) clean vocals, those keyboard tunes, this massive powerful guitar section. And this melancholy – it all fits the band quite well. Surely the more atmospheric, slightly psychedelic sounds are not forgotten, either woven into a net of tight riffing to form a totally catchy song (e.g. Wormwood), or standing on it΄s own as a moment to breathe and contemplate (the CD titletrack) before once again heavier paths are trodden; after a rather sinister song "The Cure". Evenfall features a warm Jon-Lord organ and sounds as if Fields of The Nephilim try out Gothenburg Death.... great, one of my faves.

Summing up: A great album I can only recommend.

Klaudia Weber

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