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Titel / Title The Gift of Life 
Label Spinefarm 
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Wow, I had never expected to find out that this band is from Switzerland and rather assigned this mixture of -core and Gothenburg-Death to Scandinavia or even the USA. “Modern Melodic Death Metal” is the band´s own definition, which means 2 vocalists can be found in the line-up, one does Nu-Metal/Metalcore shouts (or evil growls like in the title track) whereas the other delivers clean vocals. Which means, you will find nice tunes despite the speed attacks – which works quite well on this The Gift Of Life album: Tracks like Sandcastles or Consumed Future offer vocal ear candy, as well as Elisabeth with its killer-chorus. Blast-beat-driven songs like Late Confessions and Your Voice, however, leave a slightly confusing impression despite this groove and those melodies. And why not more of this great piano part at Wants & Needs – well, this is my overall observation, I´d liked to have less -core complexity and more melodies instead, or a longer appreciation of those ear candy parts. Despite those catchy elements in guitar or vocal lines or this cool groove, I would not be able to whiste any of those songs, or parts of them. Which is also true for the ballad Our Flame, which seems a bit out of place and shallow – but maybe it´s just meant as a transition to the track Sincere – together with the title song among the highlights of this album.

Despite my bickering I got to say that this is a good album I can only recommend. Those who are rather into -core, surely give 10/10.

Kevin Caĺ - Vocals
Fernando "Fella" Di Cicco - Guitars / Vocals
Rocco Ghielmini - Guitars
Ivan Moccia - Bass Guitar
Serafino "Sera" Chiommino - Drums

Klaudia Weber

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