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Guilty As Sin

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Guilty As Sin from USA are quite well-known to STALKER – and it´s great to see how a band develops, even better when all the things I had been complaining about in the past are now gone. Did they actually take some of my suggestions – like ”improve the vocals” to the core?

And the best thing is that they kept their – slightly weird – style, which makes Future History their finest achievement so far, where Hardcore/Thrash aggression, catchy melodies, Rock Groove and a brass section (!) are united. Some more details: Although initially it´s the HC Thrash dominating – meaning fast, tough and short tracks – you already find this ear candy appeal, somehow you want to shout along with ”I Hate Hipsters”, slowly those addictive melodies take over – which is the aspect of their previous albums I liked so much.

R.S.D.T.Y. offers some NWOBHM influences, those rhythmic vocals remind me of early Iron Maiden songs, the melodies gain even more hypnotic appeal as well as the groove with a Far-Eastern touch... then massive melodic sound walls meet the bizarre, as if you listen to several radio stations at the same time, followed by a slightly weird instrumental song. Human Husk and Death from Alpha Centauri take us back to HC attacks, mixing those catchy tunes with some Prog appeal. Then they hit a bullseye with the title track – finally the brass section can shine in this outro a la Quentin Tarantino / Spaghetti-Westerns – great. And this time the HC vocals are great and absolutely fitting the mood.

Summing up, a great album, a lot of variety in the music and even more appealing ideas, in a unique style, all wrapped into unique (cover) artwork, and shaped to perfection. Go and get it!
You can get the CD from the band, at CD Baby, CD Universe, Amazon or iMusic.

1 One-Way Ticket to Oblivion
2 I Hate Hipsters
3 R.S.D.T.Y.
4 Ensnared in Stygian Tentacles
5 Magical Papyri of the Tetragrammaton
6 Midnight Hammer
7 Human Husk
8 Death from Alpha Centauri
9 Future History

Klaudia Weber

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