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Titel / Title Savage Playground 
Label Frontiers Records 
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For some time, Crashdiet belong to those Sleaze Rock bands that are on a par with their American colleagues Mötley Crüe and Co. However, in their 12 year band history, the Swedes have been dogged by bad luck, especially when it comes to their singers, quite often: Dave Lepard took his life in 2006 and successor Olliver Twisted decided to quit and concentrate on his own band Reckless Love in 2008. With Simon Cruz, the band finally seems to have found its perfect line-up and is now able to put all their energy into growing as musicians and as a band.

Already the previous release “Generation Wild”, which starred Cruz for the first time, received good feedback from fans and entered the Swedish charts on position three. What followed were tours in Europe and USA. Now, with their latest release “Savage Playground” they want to repeat this success story. For the first time in their career, the band plans to go to Japan, too, to play a few gigs there. “Savage Playground” offers an almost perfect mix of punkish up-tempo songs and slower Sleaze Rock anthems. I´m sure not only the pre-release single “Cocaine-Cowboys” but also “Lickin´Dog” and all the other songs on the record will be on constant rotation in many rock bars and living rooms. Even though, most of the songs are positioned in the party sector, the Swedes also hit more quiet notes every now and then. All in all, fans can look forward to an energy-laden record that can easily measure up to the predecessor album.

Sandy Mahrer

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