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Titel / Title Symphonic 
Label Frontiers Records 
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The release of a new record from Master Lande almost belongs as much to my life as getting older. Year after year, I am looking forward to new songs and listen to the record a dozen times just to find a small fault in his singing. This could be the final prove that this fellow isn´t really of godlike descent.

Seriously now! That Jorn is an untouchable vocal talent should be clear to everyone by now and those who are still not convinced, are simply envious. Right at the beginning of the year, we are pampered with something old and new from Jorn. Old Jorn songs revamped with orchestral arrangements await the fans. However, “Symphonic” is not a standard Best-Of record but it contains a personal choice of Mr. Lande´s dearest songs and of songs that, according to him, deserve a second chance to be heard again and not to be forgotten. It´s thus a great selection of popular but also a bit forgotten songs that possibly got a little less attention the first time they were released because they simply paled beside all the other songs on the record. So we are treated to, for example, “Rock And Roll Children”, “Like Stone in Water” or the beautiful “Behind the Clown”, which gains a lot of drama and melancholy through the orchestra.

On the record are altogether 14 tracks that, through the orchestral arrangements, shine in new splendour and will help one or the other song never to be forgotten again. I think that one can sometimes clearly hear that the arrangements of the orchestra have just been added to the already existing songs and that it all could´ve been a bit more harmonious every now and then. What´s worse, because of this, Jorn´s voice is sometimes pushed too much into the background, what a shame. Maybe it would have been better to arrange and record all the songs from scratch, this way, also Jorn´s voice could´ve been fitted better. Many bands have done this before, a good example being Doro. Thus, a re-recording would have definitely upvalued the record. Nevertheless, “Symphonic” is a really nice record with lots of hidden treasures from Jorn´s past.

Sandy Mahrer

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