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Hate Eternal

Titel / Title I, Monarch 
Label Earache 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This is the new death metal work of Hate Eternal, the band around ex-Morbid Angel Erik Rutan (vocals/guitar). Along with his two buddies Derek Roddy (drums) and Randy Piro (bass) he presents some very fast death, but one wouldn't have expected any less. The songs are definitely entertaining, varied and complex. So far so good. Unfortunately this record doesn't only have positive sides. The production, described in the record company's leaflet as "heavier than ever", turns out to be of bad quality. If you have someone as gifted as a Mr Rutan playing in a band, the producer should at the very least be so kind as to make sure the guitars can be clearly made out when mixing. All the details, riffs and leads are lost in the clamour of the drums and the bass guitar. It's no fun to listen to and it costs them at least 2 points! A modern, ambitious death metal production shouldn't sound like this, gentlemen!

Timo Pässler

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