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Pain Confessor

Titel / Title Incarcerated 
Label Spinefarm Records  
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Haste makes waste – which could be the motto for this CD as well as for its review. Pain Confessor from Finnish Hämeenlinna are back after a 4-year-hiatus, with a powerful album that almost failed to capture our attention... And this would have been an unforgivable mistake because Incarcerated is a great album that naturally made it to Inferno Magazine´s Top 10 in the end of 2012.

The opener Oceans of Sickness definitely gives you the first goosebums with those massive epic Black Metal-ish soundscapes and alternating growl and clean vocals... this cool mix of melodies and brutal sounds is this album´s trademark – as if Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir and Kiuas made songs together. Although later the pretty brutal BM sound characterizes many tracks, I´d still put the band into the Gothenburg genre. Blood Eagle and Grief (which is one of the highlights) offer more relaxed grooves, occasionally I hear Doom - or Powermetal elements (Gravel), and some acoustic parts give you some time to catch your breath. Grim River is another highlight – gooseflesh! - where everything seems done right, the brutal drumming and riffing, those majestic melodies. Tarnished Halo has a pretty epic chorus, too, but then again it´s a Thrash-Black-Power Metal bastard named Vitriol that kicks you back into reality.

Well, I liked the band even back then in 2006 when I saw them at Finnish Metal Expo, and with this album they should be able to find a wider fan basis outside their home country. This CD is definitely put into my player more often, and I´m looking forward to seeing them live (e.g. mit HEAVEN SHALL BURN and Artificial Heart, 20.3.2013, THE CIRCUS, HELSINKI)

Pain Confessor:
Make Kivistö (vocals), Mikko Kivistö (bass, vocals), Tuomas Kuusinen (guitars), Jaakko Kunnas (guitars), Pasi Laihanen (keyboards), Aki Kuusinen (drums)

1. Oceans of Sickness
2. Blood Eagle
3. Inward
4. Grief
5. Incarcerated
6. Gravel
7. Grim River
8. Serpent Spine
9. Tarnished Halo
10. Vitriol

Klaudia Weber

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