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Mind Of Doll

Titel / Title Shame On Your Shadow 
Label Inverse Records / Secret Entertainment 
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This is the second release of these guys from Vantaa, a band belonging to the category “should be much better known by now”. The initial impression - the successor of their debut album “Low Life Heroes” has a much heavier appeal. First of all, there is the solid production - by Aaro Seppovaara (Moonman Studio) – and then also the overall tendency to much rougher sounds. Less Glam, more Metal, so to say. The opener Dead A.M. Is already much more aggressive than you´d expect from MOD. This Punk/Metal attitude works nicely also for the song Bad Shivers, yet the guys never forget their talent for catchy tunes either. Although the title track is not as easily accessible as the rest (in comparison), it still has this ear candy appeal, and somehow it reminds me of early Judas Priest. Indeed you can hear a certain influence of the NWOBHM era in all the songs - Indians even has some Maiden moments. Hotel Satan and Disconnect Me, however, give you this 70s US desert rock feeling, and Visa sounds like a young Ozzy.

Perhaps the straight-forward Hardrock songs Rats and Wolves sound closer to the material of the predecessor than the other songs. Generally speaking, the new album gives you the impression that the band managed to continue their own style and at the same time to introduce something new. In other words, this CD kicks ass! Hopefully with this release the guys will receive the attention they deserve...

Klaudia Weber

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