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Heaven´s Basement

Titel / Title Filthy Empire 
Label Pias UK/Red Bull Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Aaron Buchanan and his band are only now, in 2013, publishing their very first album, which is hard to believe once you take a look at where and with whom the British band has already toured during the past years. On this album, the band presents their very best side and exceeds the wildest expectations.

With every single song, singer Aaron shows how versatile his vocals are and how easily he can add emotion and power to his voice at will, no matter in which song or situation. His vocals together with guitarist Sid´s are not only a match made in, errr, heaven, they also create an interesting contrast, giving the songs a special touch.

The songs are diverse and range from thoughtful and quiet over mid-tempo pieces to songs that simply rock. An example of the latter is the the re-recording of „Executioner´s Day”; the newly incorporated instrumental part creates a certain tension thanks to its unusual sounds. At least as entertaining as “Executioner´s Day” are “Fire, Fire” and “I Am Electric”, both invite the listener to sing along immediately thanks to the brilliant guitar sound. The latest single of the band, “Nothing left to lose”, is a song, which most listeners probably can relate to and also music- and vocal-wise, the song is very strong, especially due to the collaboration between Aaron and Sid. A song with a melody that will haunt you all day.

„Be Somebody“ presents the band´s more quiet side – it´s a thoughtful but still nicely rocking song, whilst the fully acoustic „The price that we pay“ brings out the quiet and melancholic side of the band best, and it´s very touching. Aaron´s voice seems fragile here, yet he manages, at any time, to sound strong and evocative and, again and again, it gains strength, so that this goose-bumps-feeling lasts for the whole song.

Overall, the band created a really strong first album and it´s going to be hard for them to beat this in the future. This CD surely raises the bar very high, making it difficult also for other bands to outplay this performance. I personally couldn´t hear any weaknesses – the whole album couldn´t be any more harmonic and convincing.

Carina Ullmann

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