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Titel / Title The Legacy of Gaia 
Label Total Metal Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Already at the beginning of December last year, Dimicandum from the Ukraine gave us their debut album entitled "The Legacy of Gaia”. I must admit that I was skeptical at first as the band was advertised as melodic death metal with nu-metal elements. All doubts were cast aside, however, when I put the record into my player and pressed PLAY. Quickly those doubts also turned into pure enthusiasm and sympathy with the band.

To be honest, it´s not easy to categorise this quintet. In the beginning, you really do think of them as a death metal band but the more the record spins on, “Death” becomes less vital, so to speak, as the band applies those typical DM vocals rather sparingly, putting the clean vocals into the forefront. In their music, Dimicandum also absorb some thrash as well as classic heavy metal sounds and even swallow up a few gothic elements while they are at it. Even if I tried very hard, I couldn´t recognise any Nu Metal elements whatsoever – so I guess this was only an attempt to get attention from as many metalheads as possible.

Searching the band history for some useful information was a bit difficult as everything was written with Cyrillic letters. I, therefore, have to trust the label info, which states that Dimicandum were formed by Roman Semenchuck in April 2008. Before this debut release, the band had published an EP named Sumerian Warning. And they have played live on numerous occasions in the western part of the former Soviet Union – thus, they are not entirely unknown in the local scene.

With their debut album, the Ukrainians raised the bar pretty high for future releases. The atmospheric density with tracks like the opener "The Legacy of Gaia", "Give me a name" (brilliant song!!), "Indigo Child" and "Sumerians Warning" and the semi ballad "At the Gates of Ishtar" is extremely high. But, I think that the almost clinically clean production is a bit too much. Some dirt is ok to stick!

Björn Schmiterlöw

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