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Titel / Title Athens 
Label Casket/Copro records 
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Greek progressive rock band Playgrounded was founded in 2007. Since 2010, they have been playing with the current line-up and now released their first album “Athens”. A great debut, whose complexity and power became clear to only me after several listens. One can dive into its soundscapes that offer a bit of electronica here, some metal there and also everything in-between. The different styles are combined into a fascinating whole, where each song also keeps its own character. If nothing else, this is due the influence of Ted Jensen, who has previously mastered albums for Muse and Dream Theater.

The band wants to give testimony about a country and its youth in crisis. They do it well, the negative mood can be felt, but it does not drift into depression. Those willing to go with this, will understand how broken dreams feel like after listening to these five songs, but will also see that life goes on somehow. My personal favorite is the closer “For A Moment”, where the melody took hold of me from the very beginning. Those who like the genre should definitely give this album a try.

1. Athens
2. Seesaw Snap
3. Western Sun
4. Morning Smoke
5. For A Moment

Stefanie Oepen

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