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Stala & So

Titel / Title Play Another Round 
Label So Music Finland 
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Even though Stala & So, back then still known by the name SO, formed already in 1997, their lead singer Stala has been busy for a long time as the drummer of Lordi and so it took until 2011 that the band finally had their real breakthrough. Their participation at the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest won them over numerous new fans and with their debut record “It is So”, featuring their cheerful and powerful songs, they hit the bull´s-eye. With songs like “Pamela”, ”She” or “Everything for Money”, the Glam rockers from Helsinki created songs that won´t be forgotten fast. To satisfy these already ambitious standards with the second record isn´t very easy.

Now, only two years after their debut, the band releases its sophomore album “Play another Round”. Already at the beginning of the record, Stala & So unleash all their power with the track “Rock until I´m Done”. However, in my opinion, there are too many effects on the vocals, disguising Stala´s great voice but apart from that, it´s a great song. Latest with “The boys are Having Fun” (you can watch a video of that song on YouTube), they rock again in their usual ways - a great song that turns out to be a real earworm! And from this point on, it gets even better. The songs are again of the same quality as on the first record, each song is a little Glam rock anthem, musically and vocally, which invites you to sing and dance along. Similar to the predecessor, also on this record there are a few quiet tunes, too. Like, for example, the emotional “Back Together”. I would say with this record, Stala, Nick, Sami, Pate and Hank delivered a worthy follow-up record to “It is So.” It just spreads good mood and shows that these boys are having fun doing what they do. On record as well as live on stage, Stala & So represent fun, vitality, glitter and songs you will remember the rest of your life.

Sandy Mahrer

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