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Band of Vipers

Titel / Title My Half Burnt Heart 
Label MR.Records 
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That Finns are also capable of playing joyful music has recently been convincingly demonstrated by the Band of Vipers. The band, which consists of the former Iconcrash members Matti Toivonen, Riku Mattila as well as Lassi Toivonen, releases with “My Half Burnt Heart” their debut record. The well-balanced mixture of synth pop and hard guitar riffs is what makes this band so special - paired with the clear voice of Matti, the band created 10 songs that will leave the listener in a feel good mood. The songs have just the right dose of vitality, energy and new ideas to not sound like a copy of another band and to lift the listener to new levels. The music immediately affects body and mind and should even make the biggest ´dance hater´ move around happily. On the record are not only fast songs, however, with “One That You Loved” there´s also an emotional ballad. The sound of the Vipers is surely not only meant for pop stars but also it might be also enjoyed by rockers. I am sure that, if the guys keep on doing their thing, we will soon see them as a support act for big synth pop legends. With their record, the band certainly hit the bull´s-eye! Recommended track: Another <3 Song

Sandy Mahrer

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