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Human Debris

Titel / Title Welcome To A World Of Debris 
Label Boomerang Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Human Debris is the name of this group from Hamburg and they directly set the pace to their debut album “Welcome To A World Of Debris” with the opener "Blood Stained Perfection". It’s all straight ahead, brutal, kicking leads and an almost unbeatable sing-along chorus.

The second track, “The Dark Embrace”, starts off with harmonic guitar parts and a sneaky lead-line, just to kick off into a mid-tempo part in the likes of Amon Amarth; this all ends in a doublebass-riffage middle part. This totally reminds one of Amon Amarth, but especially on stage, with a major sound wall, this one´s causing some serious neck damage. Great Song!

“Injected Delirium” kinda plays the same way, at least at the first listen. After a couple spins, you´ll find extremely cool hook-lines and it makes you wanna kill your drink in one shot and raise your clenched fist in the air, just to completely screw off your head in the final blast beat finale in your living room. A must hear!

With “Legend” of the Fallen, Human Debris started off with an almost folk-like intro with acoustic guitars and clean vocals, heading into a manic scream to begin another hymn, which also invites you to shake and bang along your whole body. Highlight of this song is definitely the beautiful working guitar solo, which again kicks the track in another height, just to end how it all started.

In the final “Maelstrom Within”, pushed double-bass, breaks and a clean chorus are dominating the whole way. All in all, Human Debris are not reinventing the wheel. Their influences are easy to hear out and some people might feel like they´ve heard it all before. But if you’ll take some serious listening to the almost 23 minute long record, you´ll find a well oiled machine of musicians with bounding headbanger songs. In my opinion, at this point I´d like to give a shout out to the drummer Ken, ‘cause his playing is enormous in this record.

In short terms, Human Debris plays nothing new, but they´re not drowning on the pool of all the sound-the-same-bands nowadays and especially in a live setting, they could slay. Must hear!

Dennis Kathmann

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