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Titel / Title To Beast or not to Beast 
Label AFM Records 
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Actually Lordi would have had plenty of reasons to celebrate in 2012, not only their 20th anniversary as a band but also the 10th anniversary of their first release „Get Heavy“. Unfortunately the festivites were dulled by a tragic incident. Drummer Otus who has been part of the band since 2010, died in February 2012. In summer long-time keyboarder Awa – in the band since 2005 – left; therefore the band withdrew from the public eye and played only a few shows. For example one in Rovaniemi which was the last gig of Awa, and where a certain THE DRUMMER person replaced Otus. The band concentrated on the production of the new record in the USA by Michael Wagener, who had produced the last record “Babez for Breakfast”, released three years ago. In December the band introduced their new members: Mana, the pastor, on drums and keyboarder Hella, impersonating a full-sized doll.
Music-wise the record is - at least at the beginning - a lot more aggressive than the Lordi stuff we are used to so far. ”We’re not bad for the Kids (we’re worse)” is surely something to get used to. With “The Riff” the songs return to the old Lordi manner, and the instant-sing-along chrouses are back as well. With “Horrifiction”, ”Happy New Fear” and “Candy for the Cannibal” they should be able to repeat their “Would you love a Monsterman?” success streak. Catchy lyrics and easy melodies, not too much folderol, this is just fun to listen. At the end there is also a 3,5 minute homage to drummer Otus, probably old recording of his soli during the show or drum-clinics. Actually I like the first two albums still the most and think they are not surpassable, but also this album is worth listening to. Naturally it will be harder year by year to connect to their biggest hit “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and I am not sure if the band even wants to do that. The demand is still there and the fanbase still big enough to get fairly good tours. Let´s hope that they will still last for a long time, because who has ever met such symphathetic monsters?

Sandy Mahrer

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