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The Ragged Saints

Titel / Title The Sound of Breaking Free (Demo) 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Ragged Saints are a squad of friends, who just want to do the music they like the most: Hard Rock. With “The Sound of Breaking Free”, the guys from Helsinki release their first demo. And I can tell you one thing – for them, it shouldn’t be a problem at all to get a record deal, judging from the strength of this demo. The musicians are all experienced in the music biz – and it’s easy to hear that from the very first second on, the band harmonises 100% with each other and Markku Kuikka’s voice is just divine. Already when I heard him singing the first time, while on tour with Thaurorod, he immediately won me over with his vocal talent. Just shortly after this tour, he left the band but he’s still singing in Status Minor and the Gronholm band and now, luckily, also in The Ragged Saints. I think this band fits his voice the best. There is just one singer out of 100 that is able to touch your heart with his voice and Markku Kuikka is, for me, one of them, right from the very first note he sings. There isn’t much to add except that I am burning to hear the full record of the band and hoping to see them on tour soon. 100% listening pleasure.

Sandy Mahrer

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