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Charing Cross

Titel / Title Sinspiration 
Label FastBall Music 
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After a long waiting time, Swiss band, Charing Cross, finally release their second record titled “Sinspiration“. They worked on it for a long time so that it would be more varied and better than the predecessor “We are... Charing Cross”. And I can tell you, they didn´t promise too much. The band sounds way more multi-faceted than ever before. No matter if it´s the music or the vocals, Charing Cross have grown a lot since their last album. The album shines with catchy Hard Rock songs but also with one or the other Heavy Metal anthem, yet still the more quiet tunes, which showcase Peter Hochueli´s voice the best, are not forgotten. As I´ve said before, the best thing about Hochueli´s voice is that it´s so unique because of its special sound. He´s just a great fronter who sounds live as good as on record.

Again, the record was produced by guitarist Andy Dormann and, as usual, there are numerous, awesome guitar solos of him and Pascal Zwyssig on the record. Markus Flury still occupies the bass position and Riodi Halter takes care of the right beat. For me, the highlights are surely “Coming Home”, “Handful of Pain”. With “H8”, I have to say that the subject of the song is not bad but with such a beautiful ballad melody I kind of would have wished for a different topic. Cause everybody who doesn´t understand the lyrics would guess it´s a love song or a song about a broken heart. But, instead, it´s another song about the love of Rock´n´Roll. Nevertheless, it´s a really beautiful song and Peter´s vocals are at their peak.

Sandy Mahrer

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