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Hot Mama

Titel / Title Downloader 
Label Sonic Revolution/ BOB Media 
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The first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to the debut album Downloader by German-Russian band Hot Mama, is early Guano Apes –just a bit softer. Three guys and one lady, who call their music 21st century Rock. Singer Sonya is praised as a front girl with a powerful voice and an unbelievable vocal range. Of course, this made me curious and after reading all those praises my expectations were accordingly pretty high. But already the first song made clear that the band couldnīt live up to them and thatīs mainly because allegedly powerfully voiced front lady Sonya failed to deliver, especially in the higher ranges she reached her limits and all this scratching sounds very unhealthy for her vocal cords. Sonya is certainly not a bad singer but the praises, sorry to say this, do not reflect her true abilities. Everything is sung the same way, thereīs no volume and, as already mentioned; especially the higher notes seem to be difficult for her. Still, I think the band did a great job with the music and vocal harmonies. They know how to write nice compositions and I am sure the band will grow during the next few years. Those of you, who like bands in the style of Guano Apes should also find one or the other song to like on Downloader. Just give it a try. Music-wise, they deserve 7 points but the vocals didnīt convince me.

Sandy Mahrer

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