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Shiraz Lane

Titel / Title Lights Out 
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This young Rock/Hardrock/Sleaze band had already caught the eye of a STALKER colleague before, in a positive way. Lights Out is their second (self) release, produced by Sakke Virta and Ide Miettinen (Mind Of Doll). Shiraz Lane open up with a powerful Rock´n´Roll Party track (Too Much), but then rather focus on a melancholic aspect. The clear voice of Hannes Kett makes you think of classical Gunner-ballads, yet luckily the Finns do not fall into this total-pathos trap... not bad indeed. I actually prefer the calmer songs “One for the Show” and “From my Soul”, also when it comes to songwriting. The last track Lights Out kicks off the party once again, giving me a bit of this Mötley Crüe feeling.
It seems there is another real good Finnish act in the making, all the required basics are already there and just need a bit more of development. The voice alone as a trademark doesn´t quite do the trick, in my opinion. But those guys are definitely on the right way.

Klaudia Weber

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