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Nasty Bulletz

Titel / Title Right Time to Rock You 
Label Fastball Music 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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With their debut album, “Right Time To Rock You“, Nasty Bulletz want to show the world that also Germans know how to play good 80´s Hairspray Rock. And with their 12 track strong record they managed to do so! As a matter of fact, their music is more comparable to the original Hard Rock than the music of the currently very popular Sleaze bands but that´s exactly how Hairspray Rock should sound like – just like Poison, Europe and Bon Jovi back in the days.

The five guys from Landau have quite a few things to offer. “Really Gonna Rock”, “Keep Breaking My Heart” and also the 10 other songs on the record sound great. With “Make me Stay” they also recorded a ballad, which, however, could have needed a bit more emotion and a more breathy voice, at least at the beginning of the song. Vocal- and music-wise, one can´t say anything bad. Singer Axl is maybe not the most gifted singer but his vocals have a nice sound and they harmonise with the songs perfectly. When it comes to style, however, the guys should have made more of an effort like buying better wigs or just use their normal clothes when performing so that it´s easier to take them seriously. Right now, with their style and outfit, the suspicion arises that they somehow would like to grab a bit of Steel Panther´s fame, who, on the other hand, just make fun of hairmetal. And as a true hairmetal fan, I´m maybe a bit sensitive, when somebody makes jokes about this era of awesome music. But still, I´m sure, Nasty Bulletz will be loved by most fans of this genre because they have a lot to offer. And the good thing is, you can focus on listening to their music – for this, you luckily don´t have to look at their carnival costumes.

Sandy Mahrer

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