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Die Supersieger

Titel / Title Der Tag an dem der Haushaltsroboter mein 200qm Loft in Brand gesetzt hat  
Label In Bloom Records 
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An album with such a cumbersome title, where the band depicted on the cover almost in dylanesque fashion, carrying cardboards with the title on it, makes me smile right away. They look a lot more like salesmen than musicians. As with everything else on this album I detect a hint of irony here. Curious, but without any specific expectations I put on the CD. I´m greeted with music somewhere between disco pop and German rock with a bit of punk thrown in. Very listenable, for sure.

The lyrics on “Der Tag an dem...” are fun. They are humorous, ironic, playful and always somewhat tongue in cheek. They happily quote the German New Wave (Codo; Gib Gas, ich will Spaß), muse about failing on a high level like comedian Heinz Erhardt used to and tell us about the day the domestic robot exploded and burned down the loft. Die Supersieger tell little stories that are not ordinary, but so unbelievable that they could be true. Who of us could really know what it feels like to be an astronaut, floating “1000 Kilometer” above the earth or what a mechanical man feels. One thing is for sure: If all else fails, one can always start an “Indie Rock Band” and make lots of noise. Well-made pop music for all those that don´t mind listening to the lyrics once in a while.

1. 1000 Kilometer
2. Der König ist tot
3. Indie Rock Band
4. Mechanischer Mensch
5. Wie einst Heinz Erhardt
6. Hummeln im Arsch
7. Las Vegas
8. Ich habe geweint
9. So radikal
10. Meehaw! (Die Wut)
11. Nicht mehr erwünscht
12. Darf ich bitten

Stefanie Oepen

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