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New Generation Superstars

Titel / Title Rock ´n´ Roll or Die 
Label Underdog Records 
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Nottingham rockers New Generation Superstars are releasing their 3rd album “Rock ´n´ Roll or die“, staying true to their “no frills, no fuss, just pure energy” approach to music, which is somewhere between Rock and Punk. The drums are loud, the guitars are distorted, and the choruses can easily be sung or screamed along.

This album was made to be played at high volume, it´s very listenable and succeeds in entertaining but does get a tad boring after a while. There is not so much variety in the different songs so each new one feels just like more of the same. Only the closing ballad “Waste of Time” stands out from the others, but is still petty standard as far as ballads go. The album is solid and I´m sure fans of the genre will enjoy it. Just don´t expect any surprises.

1.Rock´n´Roll Or Die
3.Can´t Live Without Them
4.Black Heart
5.Life Of Crime
6.Hell City
7.Guess What
8.My Life
9.The Price
11.Solid Gold (L.T.G.T.R)
12.Waste Of Time

Stefanie Oepen

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