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Slapstickers, The

Titel / Title A-huii!! 
Label Eigenproduktion  
Total run time
58:34 + 01:06:21 = (Doppel-CD) 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Huijuijuijuijui! If you like fast ska with some OI!- garnish here and a bit of rock there, you will love this album. The well balanced mixture of fluent interplay and precise jazz rhythms is remarkable. This is what the band looks like in numbers: 9 musicians from Cologne + 9 different instruments + 10 years of band history makes 28 roguh and dirty live songs. This album gives the listener the feeling that they are in a smokey concert hall. This concert must have been some experience for the band as well as the about 100 fans that won tickets to this one time happening. Suitable for barbecue parties or to ward off the rain clouds: "a-huii!!" is not just for the hardcore rastafari.

Lisa Stegner

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