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Titel / Title Restless 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In Maplerunīs bio one can read that they “got together in 2007 in an effort to express emotions and feelings through music” and thatīs exactly what they are doing. “Restless”, the modern rock/metal bandīs second album, is full to the brim with emotions. I hear anger, sadness, fear and more all transported by the music and tone of voice. Taking a look at the lyrics only confirms the initial impression. This band expresses what they feel and itīs clear they are not happy with the state of this world. Yet, it would be wrong to reduce Maplerun to just that. Itīs just one aspect of their music that I particularly like.

The band is independent, with full creative control of their music and the variety of the album shows that they have not been pressed into a certain mold. Each of the songs has its own character from the tough opener “Nails” to the beautiful closer “The Rain”. This is the type of album I could listen to over and over, discovering something new every time. Maplerunīs passion for their music comes through in every song. The lyrics are great, the sound is amazing, the production flawless and having Ted Jensen master the album certainly didnīt hurt. If you havenīt heard their music yet, give them a listen. They are well worth it.

1. Nails
2. Restless
3. Whenever
4. Bombs
5. The Fake
6. Screamout
7. Everytime
8. Buried Alive
9. Pills
10.Around You
11.Lack Of Words
12.The Rain

Stefanie Oepen

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