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In Case of Fyr

Titel / Title Bitter And Betrayed 
Label ASR/Soulfood 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The description on their Facebook site „Some kind of Metal“ seems to fit best to In Case Of Fyr. It´s hard to put them into a certain metal category. Of course, it includes elements of Metalcore, Metal and other genres, which is usually not a bad mix if you are planning to make a breakthrough. “Bitter and Betrayed” is the band´s second release. Besides aggressive growls, the singer (I, unfortunately, can´t tell you any names because the members aren´t listed anywhere) also delivers clean vocals, if indeed we are talking about the same person here. The vocals, in general, are not bad, the shouts, however, could have been done a bit more carefully.

Funnily, you can´t get much information about In Case of Fyr. Their FB-page has only sparse information and there are no other helpful sites that could help you to get to know the band better. So, we are left with the music: One can compare In Case Of Fyr to bands like Sonic Syndicate or Emil Bulls. But the high quality of those bands is not not yet reached by In Case of Fyr: Their songs are missing the finishing touches when it comes to songwriting and also the transitions between clean and hard vocal parts needs some improving. The same is true for the musical transitions between guitars and drums. All in all, it´s not a bad approach and I´m pretty sure there are some good musicians behind In Case Of Fyr. Bottom line: “Bitter and Betrayed” offers a great variety of songs, which Metalcore fans should appreciate.

Sandy Mahrer

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